March 17, 2017

LCHFH’s 22nd Annual Auction–Friday, August 4, 2017

Auction 2017 Final Photos.  Thank you to donors, patrons, volunteers, and pray-ers!  Next year’s auction will be on Friday, August 3, 2018.


IMG_9877     IMG_9858

DSC09992   IMG_9852

DSC00141    IMG_9915

DSC09993   IMG_9809

DSC00131  DSC00127

DSC00109  DSC00078

DSC00073  DSC00013

DSC00008  IMG_9741

IMG_9790  IMG_9665

IMG_9792   IMG_9772

IMG_9789  IMG_9788

IMG_9787   IMG_9784

IMG_9783  IMG_9782

IMG_9782  IMG_9780

IMG_9781  IMG_9779

IMG_9778  IMG_9777

IMG_9776  IMG_9775

IMG_9774  IMG_9773

IMG_9706   IMG_9708

IMG_9727  IMG_9735

IMG_9734-001   IMG_9729

IMG_9722   IMG_9720

IMG_9714     IMG_9699

IMG_9693   IMG_9691

IMG_9688   IMG_9684

IMG_9679   IMG_9689

IMG_9677 cropped  IMG_9682

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